We offer a project planning software suitable for Oil and well drilling management process. with the help of Drilling management software , one can easily calculate the total cost, manpower, and number of days required to complete a particular project. It is mainly useful for project reporting and staff management.The project is developed for small scale petroleum and water drilling industries. It helps in getting detailed employee, equipment and company reports. Through this, the team can work together. This is management tool that focuses on people, success, and getting things done. You can customize this project to manage any workflow or process, address any challenge, and manage basically everything. It scales with you from simplicity to complexity with total ease.For any project we need to plan it with all details necessary like equipment/materials that are needed for particular bore. Also we need to add the manpower that will be needed for making and using the bore. Our system has an option that automatically generates the manpower and equipment/material needed

Abos as an independent service provider offers support for large enterprises in the exploration and production market for: Planning and development of deep drilling rigs (onshore, offshore), Planning and implementation of geothermal projects.



Planning is required so that labor, finance time and resources can be thoroughly considered, including the risk of project delays due to some members working on several projects at the same time.

The Software

Our software has the capability to plan large number of Drilling Projects simultaneously without crashing. With this software you can now make better informed decisions and get the right results, all this in the comfort of your office.

Equipment Requirement

Our software helps in calculating the quantity of equipment required for a particular project as well as provide an estimate cost of aquiring them.

Cost Estimation

The software is capable of calculating estimated cost of a particular project by entering all required information like equipment list, man power number etc.

24/7 Technical Support

Our skilled employees at Abos provide 24/7 tech support for all our projects.That’s our guarantee.

Software Availability

Our Application is available for computers as well as SmartPhones.