Digital technologies and analytics are transforming agriculture, making a farm’s field operations more insight driven and efficient. Digital-based farm services are helping to improve financial performance and boost yield.But less than 15 percent of acreage today is managed using digital agriculture technologies due to the high cost of gathering precise farm information.To help farmers increase productivity and profitability, Abos has combined digital technologies to bring the farmers an effective management system.By generating detailed insights into operations and the environment, it assists farmers in making data-based operational decisions to optimize yield and boost revenue while minimizing expenses.

Farm management software and crop management software solve overlapping agribusiness concerns, but the scope of the former is larger. The cost- and resource-saving benefits of farm management software are amplified by precision farming solutions.


Obtain data in real time

The application of sensing devices in your fields will allow a continuous monitoring of the chosen parameters and will offer real time data ensuring an updated status of the field and plant parameters at all time

Save time and costs

Improved statistics help reduce fertilizer and chemical application costs, reduce pollution through less use of chemicals.This also goes for all types of equipment in the farm.

Provide better farm records

Record keeping is a must in all farms and our digital records help farmers make better informed decisions about stock ,inventory and much more.

Stock/Inventory Tracker

Our systems help the farmer keep track of the usage of store and inventory materials which help remind farmers to purchase more materials to add to stock.

24/7 Technical Support

Our skilled employees at Abos provide 24/7 tech support for all our projects.That’s our guarantee.

Software Availability

Our Application is available for computers as well as SmartPhones.