Mini accounts software is mainly used by startups and small business enterprises who are facing difficulties in using conventional accounts ERP. It is ease to use product that allows us to perform multiple tasks which are essential to run your business.There are many companies out there run by smaller groups or even individuals who may not know the basics of accounting. The Mini Accounting software helps people like these who run smaller businesses to help with their accounting and day to day money related activities.

Our Mini Accounting Software is designed to carry out only the very basic yet required accounting practices for small scale businesses and industries.

MIni Accounting Highlights


Accounting helps business owners create and control company budgets. When you know how your money is coming in and going out, you are better prepared to monitor business budgets.


Speaking of expenditures, accurate accounting helps business owners consider the ramifications of making major business purchasing decisions. From a new building lease to company vehicles, major expenditures can have a significant impact on monthly cash flow.


Accounting helps you to track your business expenses. Whether you are attending industry conferences or fueling your vehicle to make sales calls, monitoring your business expenses is an essential part of owning a company.


The ability to monitor business growth is one of the top benefits of detailed business accounting. When you know your assets, liabilities, and on-hand revenues, you can easily track the growth of your company.

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Software Availability

Our Application is available for computers as well as SmartPhones.