Are you ready to introduce your new mobile app to the world? Today more and more customers are moving online to buy products.  With so many players in the market, it is difficult to choose the most performing one. Start with a handful of marketing plans and test what works for you and what doesn’t.

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Here are some possible method to promote your mobile app

  1. Use of custom website:

A custom website is one of the greatest places to promote your app, provide simple and detailed working of your app.  Another alternative method to increase downloading is to use a pop up page to remind people that you have an app and give an option to download the app.

  2. Blogging:

Regular updates of blog topics that focus your service area makes more customer engagement. At the end of every blog post include contact information.

3. Connect to social media :

Be creative and do it wisely, too many people think just copy and paste the link is enough.  Make your post content more interesting and share-worthy to get high post engagement.

4. Create a video :

Create an animated demo video about your app to showcase everything beautiful. Your demo video can be included in Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and all other social platforms.

5. Alternate app store:

Try to consider alternative app stores to increase downloads.

6. Boost ranking:

Build some quality backlinks to boost the ranking of your mobile application. And identify the best targeted keyword to gain organic traffic.

7. Email signature:

Add your app links to your email signature and make it widely available to all customers and contacts.

8. Respond to all reviewers:

Respond to all your reviewers, simply leaving a lot of unanswered emails/queries will prove to be a disaster when it comes to marketing and reliability.

9. Update your app:

  Keep your app updated and let your users know that you are planning to add new features. Some users dislike apps which require constant update so decide the frequency of updates.

10. Press release for your app launch :

Write a press release from the right perspective and your press kit includes an app summary, logos and banners, screenshots, videos, founder bios, pricing and availability

11. QR codes:

You can add your QR code to your websites, brochures, emails, and cards for quick downloads.

12. App store optimization:

You can easily optimize your app to get more users attention and downloads. Select the relevant app category and add the most exciting screenshot to capture user attention.

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