DuckDuckGo is the perfect choice for today’s highly competitive online search industry, where it keeps your privacy intact.

Google is not giving us the promise of keeping our searches private. The fact is google track each click we performed on the internet to reach our desired results. So the presence of an alternate search engine with high privacy feature tends people to think more. There are some cool tricks found on  DuckDuckGo, not on google.

What are !bangs?

A new feature helps users to get the desired result from another website. If you want to search an item from Amazon or Flipkart use its respective bang along with the keyword. A search for !a Samsung galaxy in  DuckDuckGo will direct you on amazon page contain Samsung galaxy phone.  A search for !w  will take you directly to Wikipedia. Just like hashtag you can create your own !bangs.

Cheat Sheet

In order to make your searches even more accurate, you can use symbols or other words by using a cheat sheet. Duckduckgo provides you with an instant cheat sheet of popular apps. For instance, if you type in “facebook cheatsheet,” in the search bar and you will get the desired results. Displays commands for Facebook News Feed, Facebook Web Messenger, and page keys across four different browsers on PC and MAC.

Is DuckDuckgo suggest an answer Whether a Website is Down

Are you facing any problem in accessing facebook or twitter? Just search in “ is facebook down “ suddenly search engine show you an instant answer displaying the status of the query.

Snapshot of user bio

Without any click or navigation search engine shows you the complete user information. Type in the respective sign of social media followed by the username to get the user bio.


Do a search for stopwatch to start using it service..

Easy to shorten and expand links

It is easy to generate shortened and expanded URL. Do a search shorten followed by the URL to get the shortened link. Likewise, type expand followed by the URL to get the expanded link.

Create strong and unpredictable password

Creating strong password is necessary to protect your data and accounts from online attacks.  Here, Without using an online tool we can easily generate a strong password just type in password followed by the number of characters you wish.

QR Code:

To generate simple and quick QR code in seconds. Just search in QR followed by the web link to get the Quick Response Code easily.

Why DuckDuckGo considers as a better search engine than Google.

  • The main difference lies in privacy.
  • There is no ad popping up in DuckDuckGo, in Google users facing it as a real nuisance.