Today is the age of the Internet and social media is keeping us busy even after a days full of hard work. Our social life has become so much more important that we forget to focus on our lives and most of all our health. People tend to forget that health is more important than wealth and social status. But who has the time these days to be stuck in traffic and still try to keep doctor appointments?. We have the solution.

That’s right people, we at Abos have come up with the simplest of solutions to all your health problems. We have made a mobile application Doctor Consultation App designed specifically for you which brings the doctor to you. With our application you can consult with specialized doctors to clear all your health related queries.

Doctors are there to help you & what our application does is that it provides you an online digital clinic where you can directly talk with your doctor by setting up an appointment online. Our app has the capacity to host large numbers of specialized doctors who are willing to be of service via our app. With online medical consultation via this app you can now make better informed decisions and get the right prescriptions, all this in the comfort of your home.

Our dream is to create the best medical app available in the market today. The application is available for Android, Ios and Windows running smart phones. You can always contact us to get a quote and/or even to get to know us more.

You can check out this app we personalized for one of our clients, click the link to visit the Google PlayStore.