Google is making news almost every other day and that too for the wrong reasons. Competitors around the world have always been behind Google when it comes to market dominance. They have been trying to get Google to divulge more about its android proposal as each passing day is money lost for all competing companies.

The latest complaint filed against Google was from the Czech Republic. Seznam, a Czech based search engine have been urging Google to give more information about its plan to boost other rival search engine apps in to the android smartphones. Google’s ‘Anti-Competitive’ practices is making rival search engines lose money on a daily basis and a lot of companies are raising their concern about their future.

The major issue being, Google’s search engine app is installed into every android smartphone that is being released which itself is a huge reason for users to not download any new search engine applications. The European commission’s investigation lead to Google receiving large fine amounts that are in the billions.

Google in its latest response to all the bad exposure have come out with a vague response that says Google is planning on adding prompts to choose preferred browsers and search apps, but the statement lacked further information.

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