How to promote your business using Quora

One of the best approaches to promote your business is by communicating with your customers directly/online. Quora is an excellent place to promote your business which has a guaranteed space for growth. The question that follows is how is it going to be possible through Quora.

Quora is an excellent question-and-answer website where questions are asked and answered easily. Nowadays it is very hard to find a business with no quora mentions. People ask Google questions every day and a majority of them are answered via Quora. This is a space that is used by customers and potential clients that do searches about your business before they come to you directly.  

Signup for quora:

Signup for Quora by using Google, Facebook or Twitter account. Here your first task begins – complete your Quora profile professionally. Include website links or social media links in the profile section to give more details about you. It helps to get more clicks to your website.

Topic search :

Once your profile is complete, you start to find topics by using the relevant keyword of your interest and select instant suggestions based on your entered keyword.

Select the right topic and click on the follow button to follow the topic. You can make use of RSS feed to subscribe to any particular topic of your choice. You can also describe your topic experience on the profile page. While searching for the topic, make sure to definitely follow the topic that relates to your business product or services.

Submit answer and question

Another great way to promote your business is by adding questions and answer those that have been asked by the general public. After submitting these questions, you will get different answers and users responses like comments, votes etc.

Target audience, Analytics and Social Media:

We can target the right audience and follow relevant topics that you have an interest in. By sharing quora contents on social media you drive users to your quora page and thus it draws valuable customers towards your business. Use Quora links in other social media platforms to increase content views and use Quora analytics to find out what works best. The free analytic tool in Quora helps to find which topic performs better. Based on this reporting tool one can easily analyze the most popular topics currently relevant online.

Displaying your bio along with your questions and answers help others to find your business easily. Today about half of the population are depending on Quora to take a decision because for each problem Quora recommends multiple user solutions. It is one of the best ways to increase your brand’s online presence.


Why Quora?

  1. Gain users via engagement.
  2. Explain about your products and services.
  3. Share your content on social media profiles.
  4. Get expert solutions for all relevant topic concerned questions.