Cookie Policy


The new rules governing the use of cookies by websites came into action in Europe on may 26th 2011.

Our website uses cookies which are used to provide you with the best experience we can. The cookie is a small text file created by a website that is placed on your computer or mobile phone when you visit certain websites. Also known as tracking cookies, they are created when the user’s browser loads certain websites. Cookies are either stored permanently on the hard disk or temporarily for that particular session.

About our cookies

Mainly our website use Website Function Cookies, Strictly Necessary Cookies, Analytics Cookies, and Advertising Cookies. We use cookies to store user preferences and other pieces of information in the course of providing our services as explained below.

We use cookies to improve

  • The speed and security of the site.
  • To make our website work as you'd expect.
  • And also to make our marketing more efficient.
  • To store information about user page activities.

Essential or ‘Strictly Necessary’ Cookies : We use cookies to make our website function properly. If you are not accepting these cookies then our service may not function properly in certain cases.

Functional Cookies : Functional cookies are used to remember your preferences on our websites and to provide enhanced, more personal features.

Cookies to track analytics performance : We use cookies to compile visitor statistics, such as the number of audiences & what type of technology they are using, how much time they spend on the site, users most engaging pages, etc. This helps us to continuously improve our website.

Behavioural Advertising Cookies : We use behavioural cookies for advertising purposes only, and our advertising team cannot gain any sort of personally identifiable information from these cookies.

We require your consent in order to set cookies in your device. If you are not interested to have cookies then you can change your browser settings at any time. Our website may not function properly if you are not receiving any cookies. Cookies cannot collect your personal information. Cookies are a standard part of most modern websites and helps make the performance of the website more rapid and hassle-free.

However, if you have any query relating to our site cookie policy, you can contact us through mail :