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Abos ERP

Are you looking for the best ERP solution provider in Dubai, UAE, who can help you to grow your business?

ERP/ Enterprise Resource planning is a business process Management software to handle day-to-day business activities such as Accounting, Business activities, and project management etc. ERP software is a secure and centralized data repository where everyone in the organization can access the software at any time.

Benefit of using ERP :

  • Improved Efficiency.
  • Improved Business Insight.
  • Reduced Risk.
  • Low operational cost and maintenance.
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Abos CRM

Customer Relationship Management/CRM is a strategy for managing organization relationships and interaction with customers.

CRM is one of the most popular solutions used by companies for improving and controlling customer relationships and gaining better ROI. The importance of CRM can come in several businesses.

How different business functions benefit from using CRM :

  • The sales team can use CRM to know sales performance better.
  • Hr team can use CRM for recruitment purpose and to analyze employee performance.
  • The marketing team can use CRM to get valuable insight over every opportunity.
  • Customer support teams can effectively track conversations all channels.
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Abos Mini Accounting

Being renowed as the leading mini accounts ERP Provider in Dubai.

Mini accounts software is mainly used by startups and small business enterprises who are facing difficulties in using conventional accounts ERP. It is ease to use product that allows us to perform multiple tasks which are essential to run your business.

  • Multilingual - Especially support Arabic
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce workload
  • Real-time accounts report.
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Abos Accounting

Accounts ERP - We design and deliver right ERP solutions for all business.

A single solution for the entire accounts operations of business enterprises. The ERP can manage all accounting operations, providing flexibility and utility to both small to large sized enterprises. The accounts ERP replace all accounts based software and it performs several business activities like billing, sales order, purchase order, general ledger, timesheet, expense, and electronic payment etc.

  • Easy invoice
  • Avoid duplicate entry
  • Resulting fewer mistakes
  • Multilingual - Especially support Arabic
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Abos HR

HRMS is designed for human resource departments as a tool to measure and increase employee productivity.

HRMS is designed for human resource departments as a tool to measure and increase employee productivity. It also helps the companies to reduce their paper works and simplify the day-to-day as well as monthly payroll activities. HRM covers all the processes from employee hire to retirement. By using HRM, one can easily track attendance, timesheet, and database for employee records, payroll, job profiles and skills matrix.

  • Ability to send automated messages to job applicants.
  • Complete performance management.
  • Monthly payroll generation.
  • Tracking Attendance and more ...
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Abos Farm Management

Farm management software helps to analyze, plan and measure all farm-related activities in a single click.

It is a farm management software helps in organizing and operating a farm for maximum production and profit. It provides information on market price, agriculture policy and farm management strategies etc. For market-oriented farming, farm management software helps to identify the products that consumer wants, quality and quantity of the product they must produce.

  • Profit-oriented planning
  • Chemical and fertilizer usage
  • Production quality
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Abos Logistics

A Dubai based logistics service provider offers reliable and economic services to all clients from all over the world.

A comprehensive, flexible, scalable and low-cost system for logistics business. We ensure the end to end Logistics management solution for businesses of all sizes and types. It is a transport-related logistics where preparation and execution processes are efficiently done using logistics software.

Logistics software feature :

  • Flexible
  • Multilingual - especially support Arabic
  • Real time tracking
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Abos Drilling management(Oil and Water)

Drilling management projects made easy for the management teams to see the status of the ongoing works.

We offer a project planning software suitable for Oil and well drilling management process. with the help of Drilling management software , one can easily calculate the total cost, manpower, and number of days required to complete a particular project. It is mainly useful for project reporting and staff management.

  • Automated planning
  • Quick budget calculation
  • Man power calculation
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Abos Doctors App

A healthcare mobile application that can be used by people to solve various health issues.

A doctor patient management system in which the user can track their fitness, schedule appointments with doctor, to view medical reports and get instant response. The users data and consultations history are stored privately and securely, making it impossible for any third parties to access. This system will significantly reduces healthcare cost and unnecessary hospitalizations.

  • Ask your health questions.
  • Pay doctor consultation fee online.
  • Get diagnosis and prescription.
  • Fastest doctor response.
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Abos Flower Management

Trusted and more preferred management system for your agro business.

Flower mart designed specifically for flower management solutions that requires easy management of flower handling, storage, flower packaging, processing and sales.Mainly Designed for flower growers, packers and processors to get accurate data insight for decision making.

  • Improve production planning
  • Quality control
  • Ease of administration
  • Accurate traceability
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Abos Vegetable Management

Vegetable management software accurately helps you to manage your farm data and take right decisions.

A vegetable management software helps to manage all production related activities and control budget to gain profit. The practice of growing, harvesting, handling, storing, processing, and marketing tree and vegetables are handled by using the veg mart software system.

  • Fertilizer keeping records
  • Nutrients management.
  • Seed management
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